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Today’s international real estate market requires highly specialized professionals who are well versed in global markets and well connected with a network of localized resources. Unlike any other luxury real estate firm, Naples Meridian understands this and has created a premier international model that is consistent worldwide. Standing well above the competition, connecting our clientele with the most sought-after Florida investment properties, and providing the best in both local and international service, are all essential elements of our brand.

Investing in Naples

Naples is at the southwest tip of Florida’s Gulf Coast and is often referred to as “The Paradise Coast” for its idyllic setting. The area features miles of white-sand beaches, offers close proximity to countless nature preserves, and holds the self-proclaimed title of “Golf Capital of the World.” CNN and Money magazine both recognize Naples as one of the top five “Best places for a long life in the United States,” due in large part to the area’s entrepreneurial energy, outdoor lifestyle and impressive arts community.

Esteemed Value and Luxury Lifestyle

Naples is a world-class destination for discerning international buyers who are in search of the perfect holiday locale or second home investment. A host of local colleges and universities in this growing city provides excellent educational opportunities to people of all ages. The Naples Community Healthcare System is the cornerstone of the area’s medical community, with more than 500 physicians who service two hospitals and 26 satellite facilities. Buyers may choose from a variety of luxury homes, many with direct water access or private villas nestled within exclusive golf course communities, all at prices that are a welcome surprise.

International Investment in U.S. Real Estate

For individuals in search of second residences or investment properties outside of their home countries, the United States is a very attractive option. The latest profile of international activity in the U.S. housing market published by the National Association of Realtors has revealed that Florida investment homes have been dominant in international sales for at least the last seven years with Middle Eastern and African investors spending almost $1 billion on properties in Florida in recent years.

According to Fine and Country CEO Omer Ghani, “Low prices combined with the fact that Florida has historically had one of the highest in-migration rates among all the U.S. states and one of the highest population growth rates, makes it the most favored destination for foreign buyers” – Source: Gulf News (United Arab Emirates) Nair, Manoj

The following are only a few factors that make the United States a compelling destination:

SAFETY OF INVESTMENT: The United States is one of the safest countries for international investors. An established political system coupled with a highly developed legal structure offer ironclad guarantees against expropriation and other threats to property ownership.

PERSONAL FREEDOMS: The United States represents a true democracy and is a “melting pot” of diverse races and cultures. Individuals are free to express social or religious beliefs without fear of prejudice, persecution or intolerance. Expatriate investors often feel at ease in the United States and enjoy their lifestyle as much as in their home countries.

EASE OF OWNERSHIP: Unlike many other countries, the United States has virtually no restrictions on foreign ownership of real estate. Individuals, corporations and investment vehicles encounter some of the most streamlined procedures for acquiring real estate.

LOW TAX BURDENS: The ownership of real estate in the United States is not encumbered by numerous tax burdens. The only tax an owner pays is an annual local property tax.

PROFITABLE EXPERIENCE: International investors have historically profited from real estate in the United States. Price appreciation generally exceeds the rate of inflation, offering returns that compete with global stock market investments.

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